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What's an Oxygen Therapy Treatment?

What does an Oxygen Facial look like?🧖🏻‍♀️ ————————————— •We start this facial off by cleansing the face to prep the skin for your facial treatment. • Next step we dermaplane the face to remove any dead skin cells and peach fuzz sitting on the surface of the skin so you can achieve full absorption of all skincare products used during and after your facial. • After dermaplaning we layer a custom enzyme to remove any excess dead skin and to target your skin needs. • A Chiral-A peel is applied to brighten any discoloration. • We apply our 1st step to our oxygen therapy treatment to start the process of getting oxygen into the skin. • Next we start our facial massage using step 2 of the oxygen therapy, with our smell good Hemo oil. Notice the face become more pink as it activates and starts boosting blood circulation and oxygen in the skin! Before layering her mask we do Gua Sha to help with any lymphatic drainage. • Finally the Oxygen masque is layered over top and covered to give you maximum absorption of all the oxygen into the skin. We let this sit for 10 minutes with a relaxing jade eye mask to cool and help with eye puffiness. •During this process you get a hand and arm massage with another smell good AND massage product. This client enjoyed our Pumpkin massage! • After removing the oxygen we layered a soothing AND masque and one of our Hydrojelly Intensive aftercare masks to help with calming the skin and preventing any future breakouts. • After removing the masks we apply AND Nutritional Solution to add nutrients and balance the skin, Rosa-Derm Solution serum to help with calming and inflammation, cobra eye serum, glucana moisturizer, and lastly our raspberry lip balm! • We finish with cooling facial globes so furthermore cool the skin and help with inflammation and work the products into the skin. ————————————— This could be you!! Book at

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